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Infinite Meatloaf Lunchbox
by Ellen Klages

The Infinite Meatloaf, a lunchbox by Ellen Klages.

Thanks for checking this page, but the item described here has been claimed as a reward by a happy donor, and is no longer available. Please see Donor Rewards for a list of what's available now.

Ellen Klages, author of some fine short fiction and widely acknowledged as the funniest woman in the universe, created this dandy lunchbox, which can also be carried as a purse and, with the addition of twenty pounds of lead shot (not included), wielded in self-defense. "No meatloaf was harmed in the creation of this item," says Klages.

A rare Infinite Matrix collectible, the lunchbox boasts an inscription that cruelly satirizes IM's aspirations: "A lunchbox for people who believe comfort food can be an antidote for ideas."

Closeup of lunchbox

Description: Small aluminum lunchbox, about 6" wide by 4" tall by 2.5 inches deep, with decoupage decoration.

Suggested donation: $150

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