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Send money, and we'll send you something in return.

We need to raise $60,000. Can it be done? Only with your help.

Get cool art by sf writers.

Flying saucer sculpture by Howard WaldropUrsula K. Le Guin, Howard Waldrop, Vonda McIntyre, Leslie What, Jessica Amanda Salmonson, Michael Swanwick, Richard Kadrey, Joe Haldeman, and others have created one-of-a-kind artwork as gifts for donors. If you send us a substantial donation, you can choose a gift. Choice is on a first-come-first-served basis, so early donors have the largest selection. Check out the Donor Rewards that are available now.

Become a card-carrying hero of the revolution

Infinite License CardsSend us $25 or more, and we'll send you a personalized wallet card testifying to your Infinite Wisdom. Send $50 or more, and we'll also include a card granting you Infinite Artistic Liscense. $75 or more, and you get a third card declaring you Infinitely Amusing. These cards, handy for entertaining babies and starting conversations with attractive strangers, also confer free admission to the entire contents of the Infinite Matrix website. (We know: you have that already. If we raise money, you'll continue to have it.) Check out the Wallet Cards.

Earn our heartfelt thanks.

Editor's conception of heartfelt thanksWe know that not everyone who enjoys the magazine can afford to donate a big chunk of change, especially in a post-bubble economy. We welcome donations of any amount: a river of small donations is as powerful as a single large donation. If you send a contribution, we'll send you our heartfelt thanks!

Interested in doing more?.

Sponsor a column for a week or a month, or sponsor the whole site. Contact Nisi Shawl for details on sponsorship options.

How to donate

Click one of the buttons below to donate via PayPal or the Amazon Honor System.

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Or just write a check to The Infinite Matrix, and send it to:
The Infinite Matrix
525 19th Avenue East
Seattle WA 98112

Send an email to Nisi, to tell her what award you want.

Still have questions? Ask Nisi.


The Infinite Matrix Fundraising Festival

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