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is infinity limited?

by Eileen Gunn



How can The Infinite Matrix exist when it shows no visible means of support?

That's a very sensible question. Thank you for asking.

So far, the magazine exists because Matrix NetSystems funded its initial development, because a single generous donor funded the first nine months, and because I've donated my time.

The gestation period is past, however, and now it's time to share responsibility. We're out of money. (Though I've still got some time to donate.)

So we're asking you to help us raise $60,000.

If you enjoy the zine, please contribute.

We've tried to make donating easy and fun. We want to give something back to every donor. See How It Works for what you can get at different donation levels. Check out the Donor Rewards, to see some of the infinitely cool items created by major SF writers such as Ursula Le Guin, Vonda McIntyre, and Howard Waldrop.

What you get now on The Infinite Matrix: a tour de force daily blog from Sterling; wit (and —yes!— gossip) from Langford; nanotales from Kadrey, Swanwick, Salmonson, and others, and stories from some of the field's major writers: LeGuin, Wolfe, Davidson, Barrett, and more.

The Infinite Matrix has received great encouragement from readers and critics. Gardner Dozois calls it "jazzy and eclectic" in his 19th collection of The Year's Best Science Fiction. At Readercon, Tor's David Hartwell included it in his assessment that much of the best new short fiction is original on the Web. And Bruce Sterling says that "of all the paying gigs I do, this is the one I enjoy most."

In August, we featured a series of short tales from the Rio Hondo pro writer's workshop, stories by Walter Jon Williams, Sally Gwylan, Michael Kandel, and Daniel Abraham. In September, in addition to all our regulars, we'll have more Rio Hondo writers: Leslie What, John Kessel, Ellen Klages, Nina Hoffman, and James Patrick Kelly. Plus an elegant and mysterious story from new writer Benjamin Rosenbaum.

In October, if we have the funds to continue, we'll have more of everything, and some excellent surprises.

Enjoy The Infinite Matrix. If you can send us some your hard-earned dough, we'll keep delivering the goods.

How to pledge money

Make a pledge and tell us what reward you want. It's easy: see the explanation at How to pledge.

How to donate money

Click the button below to donate via PayPal.

Or just write a check to The Infinite Matrix, and send it to:
The Infinite Matrix
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is infinity limited?

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