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Signed typescript of "Starpath",
a novella by Neal Barrett Jr. (1966)

The bluelines for Idoru, a novel by William Gibson

Donated by Neal Barrett, Jr.

"Starpath" This is the first carbon of a 10,900-word novelette by Neal Barrett, Jr. that was published in Worlds of If in December 1966. The story, which came out just as the Viet Nam War was heating up, is about a small force of military operatives who police the galaxy via hyperspace jumps. In addition to the typescript (remember typewriters?), Neal has included a xerox copy of the published story, with the blurb "The Starpathers were always too few and usually too late...but without them the galaxy was dead!" Neal has signed both typescript and the copy of the printed story.

manuscript and xerox of published storyDescription: Signed first carbon copy of the typescript of Neal Barrett, Jr,'s novella "Starpath" (1966) with signed xerox of the printed story.

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