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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 21


Good lord, there's an entire interactive *zoo* of Soda Constructor creatures now. My five-year-old is gonna go ape!



There are 5,000 punk band posters on this site. Looks like a lot of 'em come off the telephone poles in my neighborhood.

Loads nice and fast. Why do the sleaziest, least musical bands always have the coolest artists?



I sure need one o' them flying saucers. And while you're at it, put a raygun on the tab.



This is a cool list of weird psychosomatic diseases that are only manifested by people with certain cultural backgrounds. I wonder what it would take to contract one of these diseases on purpose. Like, if you were from Omaha but you really immersed yourself in rural Filipino culture, could you get a case of "mali-mali"?



I wonder how all these hip British New Wave SF psychedelic book covers ended up on some webserver in Finland.

They were probably parked there for safekeeping by no less a man than Jerry Cornelius.


Bruce Sterling is a science-fiction writer who lives in Texas. The sun is a G-type star out towards the edge of the Milky Way.

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