The Infinite Matrix

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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Easter 2002

The 300 Most Common Words

the of and a to in is you that it he for was on are as with his they at be this from I have or by one had not but what all were when we there can an your which their said if do will each about how up out them then she many some so these would other into has more her two like him see time could no make than first been its who now people my made over did down only way find use may water long little very after words called just where most know

get through back much before go good new write our used me man too any day same right look think also around another came come work three word must because does part even place well such here take why things help put years different away again off went old number great tell men say small every found still between name should Mr home big give air line set own under read last never us left end along while might next sound below saw something thought both few those always looked show large often together asked house don't world going want

school important until one form food keep children feet land side without boy once animals life enough took sometimes four head above kind began almost live page got earth need far hand high year mother light parts country father let night following two picture being study second eyes soon times story boys since white days ever paper hard near sentence better best across during today others however sure means knew it's try told young miles sun ways thing whole hear example heard several change answer room sea against top turned three learn point city play toward five using himself usually

The of, and a to in, is you. That it? He for was on — are as with his they. At be this: "From I have, or by one had not; but what all were." When we there can: an your which!

Their said, "If do will each about, how up out them?" Then she many — some — so these would other into. Has more; her two, like him. See, time could no make than first.

Been its who, now. People, my made over did, down only way. Find use; may water long — little, very after. Words called: "Just where most know!"

Get through, back much before go, good new write. Our used me, man — too any day. Same right: look, think, also around. Another came; "Come work!" Three word: "Must, because does." Part, even place. Well, such here take! Why? Things help put years different!

Away again. Off went old number; "Great," tell men. Say! Small every found still between name? Should Mr Home big give air line? Set own under? Read: "Last? Never us!"

Left end: along, while might next sound. Below, saw something! Thought, "Both? Few those always looked show large! Often together!" Asked house: "Don't world going want?"

School important — until one form food keep children. Feet land side — without boy! Once animal's life, enough took sometimes four head! Above, kind began almost live page. Got earth need, far hand high. "Year … " mother light parts — "country father let night, following two picture."

Being study, second eyes soon times story boys. Since white days ever paper, hard near sentence better. Best across during today; others, however, sure means knew it's try. Told young Miles: "Sun, ways thing whole. Hear example: heard several change." Answer Room: "Sea against top, turned three … Learn? Point city! Play toward five … . Using himself, usually."

Bruce Sterling is a science-fiction writer who lives in Texas. The sun is a G-type star out towards the edge of the Milky Way.

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