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If you've been reading The Infinite Matrix, you know there's new stuff going up all the time. Every day, even.

So there's a chance that you'll overlook something you might have been waiting for — a new story or novel-excerpt might just drift down the home page while you're off watering your computer.

Our solution to that is *Finite*, a twice-a-month (or less) newsletter that tells you what's current.

We know you get a lot of email. So do we. The useful stuff stays, the boring stuff goes. So we'll try to make this as useful as we possibly can: short and sweet. And we'll make it easy to unsubscribe if it's not what you want.

How about it? All we want is an email address — no personal data. (And we won't tell anyone your address either. See our privacy policy.)

Give us a try. Sign up now.

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