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privacy policy

Like other websites, we have no way of knowing who you are when you're reading the magazine. The only way we can get your name when you visit our site is if you give it to us voluntarily. The only way you can give it to us voluntarily is by signing up for *Finite*, our twice-monthly newsletter.

*Finite* will let you know, maybe every two weeks or so — we're kind of relaxed about it — what new cool stuff is up on The Infinite Matrix. We'll keep it short and sweet. (We've got lives, too, you know.)

Our privacy policy is very simple. We will not sell or give your name or email address to anyone.

Information on how to un-subscribe will be included with each issue of *Finite*. If you unsubscribe, your name disappears from our database, and we don't know who you are anymore.

Sound okay?

Sign up right here for *Finite*.

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