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Yes, we do still need money.

If you enjoy The Infinite Matrix and want to see it continue, please consider giving a regular contribution of whatever you can afford, or logging in from one of the links on our site when you want to buy stuff from Amazon. (They'll give us 5% of what you spend, as a referral fee. Much thanks to whoever bought the rice cooker!)

You can read the whole site for free: no micropayments, no members-only area. We pay our contributors.

If you've contributed to our support — and hundreds of people have — I thank you very much!

If you want to donate, you can do it online via PayPal or's Honor System, or you can send us a check. If you're out of work or money's tight, read for free: I wish you luck.

How to donate via PayPal:

Click on the discreet button to the above right that says "Make a Donation." This links to a secure and private PayPal server, which accepts Visa or Mastercard. This service is free to the donor.

Amazon Honor System Click Here to Pay Learn More How to donate via Amazon's Honor System:

Click on the overly large box to the left that says "Donate to support the Infinite Matrix." This links to a secure and private server run by It accepts Mastercard and Visa, and it's free to the donor.

Where to send a check: Make it out to The Infinite Matrix, and send it to:

     The Infinite Matrix
     525 19th Avenue East
     Seattle WA 98112

We promise: We will not sell or give your name or email address to anyone. If you send us money, we will not bug you for more money. (We might send you a thank-you note, though.)

What you get: We're not a non-profit, even though we don't expect to make one, so you can't deduct the donation from your taxes. But you will gain our deepest gratitude and the satisfaction that comes from doing a good deed. (Such as that is, of course.) And if we stay alive, you'll get more cool stories. Plus who knows who else?

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