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  Blind Shrike by Richard Kadrey








  Blind Shrike art

blind shrike
is now published
as butcher bird


Butcher Bird, by Richard Kadrey, (a version of which was published here as Blind Shrike) is now available as a trade paperback from the celebrated small press Night Shade Books. We have removed the earlier version from our site.

You can purchase a copy of Butcher Bird at Night Shade Books's website or at

Much thanks to Richard for allowing us to publish his work. We still have a very nice selection of Kadrey short-shorts. I'm sure you'll find something in your size and shade.

       -- Eileen Gunn


Richard Kadrey is the author of Accelerate, a four-part series from Vertigo Comics. His graphic novel Angel Scene is available from Eraserhead Press. His previous novels are Metrophage, (1988) and Kamikazi L'Amour, (1995). Metrophage and the short story Horse Latitudes are also available on the Web. His Viperwire series of 64 short-shorts is still up on the Infinite Matrix.

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