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I C London, I C France  
I C London, I C France

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by Howard Waldrop

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There's a photo of Eugene Vidal (Gore's dad) when he was still head of what became the FAA, looking over experimental passenger planes with propeller de-icers and automatic pilots.

Page from Popular Science: Air Liner Used as Guinea Pig
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It's a private world; it's a wonder half the handymen in the country weren't killed by their own formulae to make lacquer flow smoother.

Page from Popular Science: Why You Should Start....
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In almost every drawing or photo, you'll notice, even though the guys are wearing those aprons that make them look like kosher butchers in a slaughterhouse, they're still wearing their ties. (The past is a different country...)

Page from Popular Science: ...A Home Workshop and How to Do It
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There are manuals on starting a poultry-raising business, mink ranches (chinchillas would be a 50s phenomenon); the ubiquitous raising of giant bullfrogs, and of "Snow King" mushrooms in your cellar (as per Ray Bradbury). You could learn anything — the future was unlimited; the Depression was the Past, and old-fashioned.

Ad from Popular Science: Raise Giant Frogs! Easy to Start! Free Book!
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New: Locus Magazine is offering a special deal on the issue with the superb Heart-of-Waldrop photo and interview. Che'ekidaou'ut.

Howard Waldrop is a legend in his own time. He writes, he fishes, he builds bookcases. He does not have a cellphone, a computer, or an email account.

For someone who is about as wired as an echidna, Howard has a pretty substantial online career. He has had a website since 1997. You can read The Ugly Chickens, The Other Real World, Winter Quarters, D = R x T, and his collaboration with Leigh Kennedy, One Horse Town, on SciFiction. Mary Margaret Roadgrader is available on the excellent Strange Horizons. He has an occasional column, Crimea River, on Electric Story. And now he has a blog. Go figure.

For additional embellishments of the Waldrop legend, see Who Is Howard Waldrop, Anyway? For extravagant lies about Howard, see Alternate Waldrops, on Strange Horizons. Howard's most recent books are Custer's Last Jump and Other Collaborations and Dream Factories and Radio Pictures. Buy 'em.

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