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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling



Week 76


Here's that Andre Breton sales catalog I was mentioning earlier.



The streets slop over with the tragic unmet needs of "Everquest widows."

It's just plain *cooler* in there than it is out here.



Human beings have evolved an urge to beat up mean guys, just on principle. So what if that act of altruism "does you no good" in game theory? Beating up mean guys gives you a deep, warm, inner glow.



Saddam Hussein was way into Frazetta-style fantasy art. This British art critic goes frothingly ape about how this is stone proof of Saddam's mental illness.

Maybe someone should mail Mr Jones an actual Frazetta book sometime.



In France, when you steal zillions from an oil company, you can always claim it was the result of your mad, mad passion for a woman named Fatima.

It consoles me somewhat that Fatima's victim, the weirdly-named "Loik Le Floch-Prigent," is such a good-looking guy.

If it weren't for the French spooks at ELF, we would likely have never have heard of "Omar Bongo." Okay, maybe most of us have never heard of Omar Bongo, but Omar Bongo has an even cooler name than the former Mrs. Fatima Le Floch-Prigent.




Bruce Sterling writes books like Darwin watched animals. Find out more about him, and read tattered electronic copies of Cheap Truth, at the Bruce Sterling Online Index. He lives with his wife Nancy and their two daughters in Austin, Texas.

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