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Week 71


The US Customs Service, among its many other pressing duties, has "to combat the rising tide of Ecstasy."

Nothing much seems to have happened in this important battle since Sept 2001, though. Maybe we were overwhelmed by the rising tide of Ecstasy and nobody even noticed.

Every time they kick up the ol' Orange Alert color-coding, dope squeezes out of the Texas border like Rio Grande orange juice.

Even Canadian bears, like "Corky" and "Pumpkin," have gone into the dope-smuggling border racket.

Here's some new homemade logos for the Customs' new sponsor, Homeland Security. Man are those dumb.



It's handy when people blog my panel appearances, because then I can figure out what the hell I was saying.

Huge SXSW party here afterward. We digerati were really living it up at my house party, while Zoran Djindjic was getting assassinated. I met Zoran Djindjic at Davos WEF in New York City. He had the scariest bodyguards there.

We took part together in a discussion called "Future of Europe." Djindjic was tough, well-groomed, cold-eyed. He gave me the strong impression that (a) he knew he was doing something very dangerous and (b) he wasn't even a little bit scared. He was two years older than me. Funny that people my age run the world now, and they get killed doing it. The future is still there; it's just that Zoran isn't.



Welp, so much for the federal "cybersecurity" effort. Not only is there no there-there, nobody with any clout even wants to go there.

Sure is a good thing we Yankees have got the British around to tell us what's happening in our government.

In Iran, the cops don't mess-around with this net.stuff; they just blunder right in there and find out it's all impossible anyhow.



Forget the tactics. Who makes and sells the hardware?

If somebody bombs my capital someday -- I live in one, and George W. Bush used to rule it -- I hope they use those nice cuddly e-bombs and carbon-fiber bombs, instead of those corny old MOAB kinds that actually lacerate your flesh and part limbs from your body.


I'd be betting these peculiar characters will be seeing a lot more veterans soon, some new guys with hands-on experience.



Warblog your heads off.



Bruce Sterling writes books like Darwin watched animals. Find out more about him, and read tattered electronic copies of Cheap Truth, at the Bruce Sterling Online Index. He lives with his wife Nancy and their two daughters in Austin, Texas.

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