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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 4


Okay, it's a weapons bunker in Afghanistan, it's also a hospital, and it's supposed to be Osama bin Laden's "house." What I want to know is: what about bin Laden's *interior decor*? Was Ossie doing the classic Islam prayer rug and pillow thing? You know, like maybe the Kashmiri chain-stitch item from

And maybe the *digital Mosque clock.* That looks handy.



150 years of Iranian feminists. When you're an Iranian feminist, you get to write books with titles like "Crowning Anguish."

There's like, a little Iranian Feminist newsletter and stuff.

Disco Teheran, baby. Sexy Persian supermodels in bikini!



Some Dutch guys and some DARPA guys are training wasps to sniff out dope and explosives. No, not WASPs, I mean actual bugs. The wasps are cheaper and eat less than dogs, and even though they don't whine and point, they do nod their little parasitic wasp heads when they smell items of interest with their antennae.

Spool down this page, and check out that helmeted cyborg honeybee. Maybe they can get her to remotely target cruise missiles.



Latest chain-letters on the Internet. A good place to check the collective unconscious of the cut-and-paste lumpenproletariate. Urban Legends tend to be a bit vapid after you've read your first couple of hundred, but it's nice to have a report that's all up-to-date.

These guys do nothing but fight the Nigerian 419 Advance Fee Fraud Scam. Lately I've been getting a couple of 419 pitches every day.



Got some time (and a mouse) on your hands? Why don't you help NASA catalog Martian craters?

Pimps, call girls and rent boys offer their considerable street-wisdom on the psychological after-effects of 9.11. Warning: of course it's all mighty seamy. Better not look.


Bruce Sterling is a science-fiction writer who lives in Texas. The sun is a G-type star out towards the edge of the Milky Way.

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