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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 38


There's this cabal of heavy geeks who like to dink on Mac OS X. And they're big bloggers. But some of them are also science fiction writers. There's even an SF editor in there. And they are *really knowledgeable* about the technology. Like, scarily so.

None of your mid-80s William Gibson manual typewriters for these boys.  This is some kind of cyber-apotheosis, here.

Our Bloggers, in alphabetical order:

charlie stross: (email, homepage, blog)

chris cummer: (email, homepage)

cory doctorow: (email, blog, vanity site)

dan moniz: (email, homepage)

danny o'brien: (email, homepage, blog)

george scriban: (email, blog)

jak d: (email, homepage)

jet townsend: (email)

john wiseman: (email, blog)

justin chapweske: (email, cool company)

patrick nielsen hayden: (email, blog)

paul bissex: (email, homepage, cool project)

paul hoffman: (email)
rael dornfest: (email, blog)

steve jenson: (email, blog, homepage)



I'm always interested in literary people who do really horrible things. "The world's most wanted man," Radovan Karadjic of ethnic cleansing and concentration camp fame, is a noted poet.

I figured there must be some of his poetry around on the net. What if it turned out that Radovan was a *great poet?* After all, Osama bin Laden's a poet.

Radovan got into verse when he was in the slammer in 1968.  I learned that because he's got his own fiercely devoted fansite.

Admiring foreigners praise his kingly, Arthurian demeanor.

Radovan's best known works are titled "Crazy Spear" and "Black Fairy Tale."  Not very reassuring.

Finally found some bits of Karadzic verse, in English. Look like our lad is wistfully hanging up his spurs.

"Goodbye Assassins" by Radovan Karadzic

Goodbye Assassins, it seems from now on
The gentlefolks' aortas will gush without me.
The last chance to get stained with blood
I let go by.
Ever more often I answer ancient calls
And watch the mountains turn green.
Lost brothers, time puts us to the proof.
Shoot the heads of the world without me!
Insane mates. The century's ravens.
Goodbye, assassins, the boundaries between
The worlds are trampled
Instead of the heart, a hornet drones in vain.
History turned its back on us.
What should one shoot at?
Like an octopus, the age hides its vertebra,
And the winter approaches
With white drifts.

*I forgot to mention that Radovan is also a noted mental health expert.



I wonder why it took couturiers so long to print naked bodies on the exterior of clothing.

If you're a lithesome 20-year-old female and you wear your own nude body, of course every drooler in the neighborhood will hit on you. So why not try printing and wearing your grandmother's nude, shrivelled, 85-year-old body?

Men, you'll be arrested for indecent exposure if you publicly wear your own nude body. So try wearing your girlfriend's body and see what your daily life is like.



They sure look like an ominously busy bunch of folks over on the National Institutes of Health "Bioterrorism Home Page."



"Newsfutures." A net-based stock market in imaginary newsworthy events. If I were you, I'd let this one slide. Looks seriously addictive.


Bruce Sterling writes books like Darwin watched animals. Find out more about him, and read tattered electronic copies of Cheap Truth, at the Bruce Sterling Online Index. He lives with his wife Nancy and their two daughters in Austin, Texas.

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