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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 36


There are your standard zine publishers, and then there is Donna Kossy, the author of "Kooks."

And one-time curator of the immortal "Kooks Museum."

Donna has a new zine out called "Book Happy," about the weirdest finds that she and her pals discover in the moldiest bins of second-hand bookstores. I guess Donna would go broke if everyone in the world read this publication of hers. Nevertheless, every issue unfailingly blows me away.



I got no idea who this "atomjack" character is, but he works harder at being cyber-hip than anybody I've ever seen.

How'd he get so knowledgable? All those web links and little blinking gizmos and stuff… years of tireless cut-and-paste devotion… I sure hope he's not losing his eyesight.



Imagine that you were artists from the well-nigh forgotten ex-Soviet Republic of Moldova. And imagine that you somehow got your hands on some funding from the Moldovan Ministry of Defense.

And imagine that your response was to throw an international UFO artists convention.



"Mute: Proud to be Flesh." I love this publication dearly. "A critical take on technoculture in its global and European dimensions." What's not to like? But alas, their paper magazine incarnation is hard to get hold of.

While the web version is kinda cluttered and all over the map.

And the newsletter's well-nigh inexplicable.



They're building this "house of the future" thing at MIT. So they wisely decided to look back through the archives at some previous visions of life in the future. And boy are they goofy.

Bruce Sterling writes books like Darwin watched animals. Find out more about him, and read tattered electronic copies of Cheap Truth, at the Bruce Sterling Online Index. He lives with his wife Nancy and their two daughters in Austin, Texas.

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