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  Schism Matrix by Bruce Sterling

Week 12


Man, there's no crank like a secret-weapons crank. Weapons cranks combine the powerful psychic drives of gun nuts and UFO freaks.

That's one busy radio talk show host, and a swell demo of the Web's primal ability to stack up weirdness in heaps.



North America's biggest meteor craters. Courtesy of Canadian Natural Resources Council.

Gee, I never knew there was a meteor crater here in Texas 13 kilometers across. "What's the best place to be during a giant meteor impact?" "Anywhere where you can say, 'What was that?'"



Butterfly Nebula. It beggars belief that an astronomical object can look like that. May well be some kind of galactic multimedia project carried out by pretentious weirdos beyond our ken.



One of the better (and spookier) pieces of I've seen lately.



If you wanted to save a library of data in New York City for a thousand years, how would you do it? Easy. Embed it in the DNA of cockroaches.


Bruce Sterling writes books like Darwin watched animals. Find out more about him, and read tattered electronic copies of Cheap Truth, at the Bruce Sterling Online Index. He lives with his wife Nancy and their two daughters in Austin, Texas.

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